Saturday, December 18, 2010

TRON LEGACY + 2 More Days!!!

Hi all,

I just came back home after watching TRON Legacy w/ SiaoGang @ MidValley. As you all already know, TRON was one of the most awaited movie this year. Like you too, I kinda excited to watch it. Well, at last I did! :D.

No spoiler's dont worry aahha. Hmmmm this movie was not really up to my expectation (thanks to all the trailer's, movie poster, hu ha about the movie everywhere ahahaha) but I have to say, some of the scene's was really amazing! Especially this one *See below*

The guy who played Sam Flynn's character, Garrett Hedlund, he got a lot to improve. Even though he acted in few movies like Eragon and FourBrother's, I was hoping he can do better in this movie.

Love how they did the whole environment/set so HI-TECH with machines flying here and there... really WOW-ed me!

Ok! That's it. Go watch and let me know if you like it ya :D

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  1. LOL, ya your talk, nearly forgot :D
    Ayam Kambing :D