Sunday, December 26, 2010

One Heart Charity

Hi all,

Today is one of the meaningful and unforgettable day for me and my friends. Thanks to Jen for making this happen. What we did? Charity. Some of you might not have done it before but please do. You don't really know how many people out there need us to help them in some way. We did what we can for now. You can do it too. GIVE what you CAN. Thanks to all those donated. We collected about 5k! :D

Early morning some of us gathered at the meet up point, which was at the Esso Mobil (Jalan Ipoh). Jen did the briefing, so that each of us know what to do for the day. We then start our journey to the first destination : Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram, Jinhang. Here there is about 31 children. We had fun playing games, gave them gifts + grocery for their daily use. We spent nearly 3 hours here before heading to the next destination : Persatuan Warga Emas, Klang.

This old folks home/orphanage have around 30 occupants and it is run by a lady. The home is a corner house, with rental of RM1000 per month. As this is a private initiative by the housekeeper's husband, they had earlier spent their own money for the house renovations and it is running with limited resources.

We donated money, clothes, grocery stuff and blankets for them. You guys should see the smile on their face! Just WOW! :). I had a chance to talk to one of them. Her name is Manomani, 82 from India but settled in Malaysia for a long time. Her son left her here cos of the limited space in the house for her to stay. I asked her if she is happy there at the old folks. She said yes cos of her friends there. Since most of them are around the same age, they can communicate well.

We entertained them by singing Christmas song, dancing and all ahhaa. We left this place around 3.30pm.

What a great day! I've more to say but couldn't find the right words. It's hard to describe................ :)

PS: More photos after done with the pending posts.


  1. omgosh the last picture. the grandma with the peace sign is (Y)

  2. It’s really great to do charity and be a part of a social cause! It takes a lot of efforts and patience to raise money and goods for various social causes.