Sunday, December 5, 2010

Preview Shots : Red Christmas Photoshoot @Pavilion_KL

Yup! This time Red photoshoot loolol.

Some of my colleagues damn like the photos that I took a week ago with SiaoGang. They wanted to have photoshoot too so we gathered at Pavilion on Friday night for the photoshoot. All of them own dslr too but seldom use it due to busy with work etc. Glad to know them more while taking photos. Theme was RED. Here are some preview shots to share.

More after pending posts :)


  1. The third picture's caption could be:
    "I am the man"

  2. Thanks so much Rames. It was so much fun .

  3. Tian >> ahha! wow! can oso lolol.

    manisha>> same here :)